Programs and Curriculum


kiddieGRAND Programs


Our programs embrace the idea that children learn through a variety of creative and educational activities in a safe, nurturing environment. Our teachers focus on cognitive development, language development, physical development, and social and emotional development while integrating free play and intergenerational learning. The intimate size of the kiddieGRAND helps teachers focus on each individual child’s growth and development.

Our littleGRAND classroom offers care for children 18 months to 3 years. Children will begin to explore their independence by taking part in our intergenerational daily activities which include arts and crafts, music, and reading along with walking trips throughout the facility. The littleGRAND allows toddlers and early preschoolers to experience the world around them and begin to build relationships with others. We focus on transitions and routines to help children find structure and prepare for preschool through the Creative Curriculum.

The bigGRAND focuses on the development and preparation of 3 year olds – 5 year olds for Kindergarten as well as integrating outdoor, free play, and intergenerational interactions. Our engaging classroom environment allows children to have fun learning to work together through a variety of small and large group activities following the Creative Curriculum. Teachers focus on each child’s development by individualizing lesson plans and activities to give them the best chance to succeed.

We also provide before and after school care for ages 6 – 11. This program allows quiet time for school work as well as a full schedule of intergenerational activities, free play, and outdoor play. Through intergenerational activities, school age children are able to build their sense of self-worth by aiding residents and younger children throughout the day.


Here at the kiddieGRAND we offer a complete curriculum that aligns with the Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards called Creative Curriculum. Creative curriculum allows your children to learn and grow in all areas including social and emotional development, cognitive development, language and literacy, and physical well-being.

The curriculum is structured after thirty-eight research based objectives that are most predictive of children’s future success. These objectives are incorporated into everyday free play, transitions, large and small group times, outdoor play, and intentional teaching activities. We keep our schedules structured enough to be predictable for children, but also flexible to meet the needs of each child. Most importantly, we allow for children directed learning which gives children the opportunity to stay engaged while helping teachers choose activities, themes, and experiences that they enjoy!